Week 6 – Giveaway Winner Announcement

Written by by Tim Priebe | Posted on October 14, 2014 | Comment

Another reason giveaways are great for a blog is because you get two posts out of it! Not only do you get to announce the giveaway, but you get to announce the winner of the giveaway in a separate post.

If you have a winner come by your location to pick up the prize, let them know ahead of time you want to snap a quick photo with them and the prize in it. You can even pose with them! At the minimum, make sure there's enough of your location in the background so that it's obvious they came to your place of business.

If that's difficult, you can always snag a photo of them from a social networking site. Just make sure you get permission to use it. You can even make it a condition of entering the giveaway.



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