Week 3 – Use Google’s Search

At this very moment, somebody out there is asking a question that you know the answer to. Those questions may be posted on blogs, on social networking websites, or in forums. All you need to do to find out what people are looking for is search. And once you find out what people are looking for, you can write a blog that addresses that topic.

In your web browser, go to Google and try using several different phrases as you search online for these pre-existing questions, in addition to keywords related to your field.
"How do I" tooth care

  • "I'm having problems" fence
  • "Is it possible to" insurance
  • "Why should I" electric car

Of course, when you're searching, remember to put the phrase in quotes. That way it looks for that exact phrase.

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More About the Book

The book also has bonuses for this week to help you write. Each week includes some or all of these: Example Titles, Brainstorming, To-Do, and Resource Links.

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